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who in their right mind would go adventuring?

Well, some people just don't have very many options, such as exiled Jews. already without homes, often denied work, demonized, and kicked out of their homes. some turned to money loaning (those who already had a good amount of money), others to piracy, others traveled far to find places that accepted them for their trades... but if there were monsters to kill and treasures to find, certainly a few of them would have turned to dungeon delving.

the goal of this game is to give a different perspective on medieval fantasy, I do hope it makes you think about that a little even if you never end up running it. 

the game was written from a Jewish perspective but could also be transferred, with some research, to other peoples in similar situations such as the Romani. I would love to read something like that if someone does that send it my way.

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TagsAlternate History, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Historical


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Absolutely intrigued! I'd love to see a longer version, maybe that mixes both halves of the pages? Like, the mechanics don't (to me) feel tied into the top half of the page.

But it's all good content! I love the details and the mechanics, but the actual drive to adventuring is only mentioned a couple times. I'd love to see a longer version with a sample of play, example dungeons (or just a table of rumors for dungeon delving), some sample items with tags, etc.

I hope the critical points of this post aren't overwhelming; I definitely want the takeaway of my comment to be "I want more!"

not overwhelming at all, thank you for reading!

I may make an extended version at some point without the 1-page restriction of the jam :) just hoping I'll find the time.